Social Media And Junk News – in the form of content

Social Media News - NaumanMohammed

This summarizes- why I reduced using social media I use twitter for reading news and Reddit for research stuff on technology (Instagram and WhatsApp are the most addictive junk content providing services) Nicolas Carr – We are surrounded by so much information that is of the immediate interest that grabs our attention that we feel […]

Blog – Farnam Street on Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) - Nauman Mohammed

On snowball – Warren Buffet biography – A lot of what the snowball is about the concept of learning, and creating, and the advantage of having the information and knowing it. When I came here today one of the things that I was thinking is that what you do is so much at the intersection […]

The Messy Middle – Book Review (Scott Belsky)

Messy Middle Book Review - NaumanMohammed

Never Came  Across a Book which involves this honest story portrayal, well, such is this book. The Behance co-founder/ Author –  Scott Belsky does his best on what he is good at – storytelling, that too in such a creative way in his book also I got awed by the notes I could take from […]

Becoming Steve Jobs ​ – Book Review

Steve Jobs Book - NaumanMohammed

Before continuing to something I must tell you I am a big Steve Jobs (Apple) fan, so many moments in this book has made me very emotional even while writing this. I haven’t read Walter Isacson’s book STEVE JOBS book which is quite a popular book and best-selling out there right now. but after extensive […]

The Five Elements Of Effective Thinking – Book Review

Nauman Mohammed Book Review - NaumanMohammed

So I have recently read the book “The Five elements of effective thinking” this book gives a practical approach to the lively and inspiring ways to become more successful through adopting a better thinking approach. The book contains simple ideas which one can learn how to think far better by adopting strategies. The Author Michael […]