Listen from the heart, not from the brain – A popular quote that change the way I think of communication.

So recently I got hooked into Charisma on Command and Jason Capital’s YouTube channel and then I dig a little deeper. and then stumble across this goldmine called charisma university,

Charisma on Command is this unique niche channel which garnered lot of attention in recent times. USP of charisma on command for each episode is they pick a movie character and break down their characters from the movie, interview or podcast (quite challenging task as YT flags the content with copyrights) but somehow charisma on command gets away with it. Anyhow, so the charisma on command has this online classes called charisma on command, curious me took it up.

It took me a week to grasp the information, such was the learnings from the charisma university which got me more intrigued later on about the communication framework and why is this important (especially for me).

Create a story : People love stories, no matter whatever/wherever the situation people are sucker for good stories (
Focus on the audience that you are telling the story

Body language : (80%of communication is body language) (92% as per Charisma on Command) anyway the point is body language is the key focus on communication.

Couple of tips I have adopted to be a better communicator is to write. I have been a big fan of journaling, recently I stopped journaling (after consistent 6 years of my life) the reason being to start my online writing journey. I enjoyed writing for myself but 1 thing was missing “feedback loop”.

So to solve this problem, I started writing

The fastest way to improve is writing daily, not just keeping for yourself but publish let people see it (feedback)

– David Perell (write of passage)

In other words – Do things that get attention. Get users, make them accumulate your “Made-Up Currency”.

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