My Top Podcast List (Recommendations) – Part 3

Top Podcast List 2020 - NaumanMohammed

Before reading this you should check out my other two podcast list recommendations Podcast Part 1 and Podcast Part 2. I also occasionally keep exploring new podcast lists to try to find new podcasts as there are a huge number of the podcast in the podcast apps to try out. Shunya One – Every week […]

Top youtube channel to play on the background

Top Youtube Channel Content- Nauman Mohammed

I have lately been watching a lot of YouTube content due to the COVID, where I play it in the background while working. As I couldn’t go out for a walk due to the pandemic (I use to listen to a lot of podcasts while going for the walk). I use to generally listen to […]

Tribe Of Mentors ​ Book Review

Tribe of mentors - nauman mohammed

Tribe of a mentor is a book by Tim Ferris where he shares the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure compilation of tactics, tools, and habits from 130 of the world’s top performers Tim Ferris’s statement on cooking food applies exactly to the life of every hustler – you Make an accomplishment (cook food in this case)- then you […]

My Top Podcast List – Part 2

Top Indian Podcast

Business Wars – Netflix vs. HBO. Nike vs. Adidas. Business is war. Business war is all about business fighting with each other to be the ultimate survivor in the business. A very thrilling format deep diving into what idea that turnarround the business in the way it is today and what drives these companies and […]

My Top Podcast List to listen – Part 1

Top 10 Podcast list - Nauman Mohammed

So I started listening to more & more podcasts these days I also update here in my blog. filtering based on my likes and try every other good podcast recommended by people on twitter although my personal interest is more likely on Tech, advertising, and VC I even try some fun podcasts to keep myself […]

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done - Nauman Mohammed

Hi, I’m Nauman Mohammed This Book Is Inspiring To a point, where I could get some notes which I adopted in my personal life, and although I found the book has not much to offer but somethings intrigued me to a point. Key Notes To Focus No daily to-doInstead, opt for a calendar of the […]

Deep Work – Part 2

Deep Work - Cal Newport

Naval Ravikant has a very good podcast on addiction and how tough it is to cut addiction off. Bill gates have a think week dedicated day out of every week where he cuts off his life from all his gadgets. Bill works fully by taking physical notes he takes notes on whatever idea comes to […]

Deep Work – Part 1

Deep Work - Cal Newport

Deep Work-One of the most valuable skills in our economy is becoming increasingly rare. If you master this skill, Deep work doesn’t mean you work all day. Deep work is the ability to prioritize things at first thing in the morning (if you are a morning person) completing the work by setting a time and […]

Decision Checklist – Part 2

Achieve greatness at smaller paradise It’s not always to your advantage to work in “sexy” industries, such as tech. Intelligent companies like tesla, Disney and Apple, understand the underappreciated laws of thermodynamics and that contrast is important. It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than to be in a sexy industry […]

Automate Habits

Automate Habits

Assign each habit in a different place So I recently read atomic habits by James Clear. though a longtime follower of him on Twitter, I saw many people sharing this book (which he retweets). so after reading the Goodreads Reviews. I added it to my reading list. so the following are some of my takes […]