I am much fascinated by how the online community is growing social media content creation, Youtube streaming and online writing is a very bullish platform going forward.

I had recently taken up David Perells’s write of passage course in which David stresses 3 things to reach an idea.

David explains – Internet rewards to those who create and share their best ideas & listen for signals of engagement and who create their own serendipity.

When you write more you make use of this opportunity, you will make use of these random opportunities when you are sitting in our basement, crafting your magnum opus, you have only one chance, nothing beats just producing more.

Artur Piszek (Fellow – Write of passage)

So how to create?

This is what I have been going through earlier and facing the issue of being an introvert myself. All my fear was how the post will be judged and to what extent

Tanmay Bhat (Co-Founder of AIB) in one of the interviews with Abhish Mathew says – Create whatever you can, Whenever you are afraid of creating. But once you start creating, then you start planning for the next content. (context – while he was making a comeback to streaming after the whole AIB turnaround)

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