Naval Ravikant has a very good podcast on addiction and how tough it is to cut addiction off.

Bill gates have a think week dedicated day out of every week where he cuts off his life from all his gadgets. Bill works fully by taking physical notes he takes notes on whatever idea comes to his mind, later he filters it based on what he wants – he called it Think-Week. Also, Bill carries a physical note with him every day. Because an app of the to-do list is always a distraction. Remember the physical notes work better than digital notes. Avoid distraction take notes and start thinking for better ideas.

Although I use apps like Google keep and iPhone notes I try to declutter and filter the notes based on my requirement every week.

Click Bait Content – All these Huff Post articles and Reddit, Twitter, and also the TV Series. Which you think you gain a lot from these platforms is a myth, instead, it drains your energy. It makes you tiresome after your work because it is designed and functioned for that with clickbait content

Jerry Seinfeld (Known for His Most Popular sitcom – Seinfeld)-

When jerry Sinfield Was Asked for his key to his successful writing in comedy-

Jerry’s Advice was to keep doing it every day – Write Jokes every day So that you get better at it, Key is the continuity. So to be a deep worker- is to practice it every day

My key take Away’s

  • Limit WhatsApp + mail only twice a day(couldn’t go cold turkey on this even if I want to also mute all non-important contacts in WhatsApp to not wave notification pop-ups(so that I can only focus on important)
  • Practice waking up early every day and start my work every day – and start my office work first thing in the morning (only the main priority ones)
  • Whenever I have free time- get to the deep work- so that I don’t look tired.
  • Take small breaks- but don’t listen to music – don’t lose the track plan priorly for deep work, make time for it to be a priority don’t wait for motivation or inspiration, just go on and do my thing find my ritual which works for me- it’s hard to find, but it will be highly rewarded later on. example – Fix the right time to eat, and taking a walk to get an idea (Although it’s not easy to set a consistent time)
  • Take rest- exercise, walking, see the sunset, or maybe cycling, to rest from deep work this will improve concentration(remember no complicated hobbies- like screen)
  • Main catch- Good mode – hobbies no music in the morning if you think you can’t quit(I prefer to quit Music soon)
  • Never multitask-. focus on one thing (ex- music while working)
  • Go digital detox – 1 day a week without technology (maybe I could go for books and hobbies on that today)
  • Work with countdown timer, no email no coffee, no phone in the morning, and be close to the deadline.
  • Get into meditation- more focus at work. this will get to deep work closer morning ritual is most important- Get half of your most office work done in the morning
  • Quit WhatsApp this is a place where others brag about their life. I don’t want to be in this place
  • Simplify stuff

Plan what I want, or is this social media platform helpful to build professional life, if it helps in my personal life – measure to what extent it might help. If the result is not satisfying to drop the idea.

Case StudyBasecamp employee works for 4 days a week, making optimum use of their time, this was the best idea adopted by the CEO – Jason Fried

How To Send An Email – Explain in the email what you want and how many solutions you have and if you are asking a favor – Find their best free time and ask for their 15 mins tip- valuing other persons time is key

Final Take-Aways

  • When you work- work hard when you are done – you are done
  • To leave the distracted masses and joining focused few. Is trans-formative experience deep work is way more powerful​
  • Also if you loved reading do check out my other post in my blog Nauman Mohammed and I try to write mostly Non-Fiction stuff.