So today I decided to document my own life through the internet the sheer fact of sharing is to bring more transparency to my life and to record my progress through this never-ending journey.

Inspired from Ali Abdal and David Perils Video – Building an idea factory this seriously hits once head-on hammer, on how creating and documenting things makes life easier and how audience building is so important. he sights an example of Marques Brownlee where – Marques back in 2007 records his 100th video with just 78 subscribers and look at what MKBHD is today, the key is to be present and put out things every day.

The other day I was reading the Austin Kleon book – Steal like an artist. where Austin says a lot of inspiration for good arts comes from just copying (not plagiarised) here he means taking inspiration.

Lately, I have realized how important is to create content and building a personal profile. We are being judged by our present from the last post we made on Instagram or the last blog post we wrote as this just gives a hint on what are we currently up to. Austin encourages to show off the work and it gives an idea of how important to write and create stuff and it’s equally important to create stuff.

This inspired me to make take this decision, I know how uncomfortable I am, but as Late – “Tony Hsieh” once said, “I do things every day, which I am most uncomfortable with”. although I am nowhere prepared to do this although I don’t have any plan to execute the stuff. so until I find one I will keep posting things every day.

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