Lately, I have realized there is a disease called maladaptive daydreaming. Uh what is this Maladaptive dreaming you ask?
On one fine Sunday morning Youtube threw me a random 60 second YT Shorts (youtube recommendation sometimes does wonder, I suppose) with the unusual title “What is Maladaptive dreaming?” and like a goat grazing grass, I fell for the clickbait preview (Jeez, that youtube text preview is addictive)

The video talks about daydreaming in general
Like one such instance is humans spend around 30% of their day just daydreaming but Maladaptive dreaming is completely different from just the daydreaming. while it damages is the excessive form of imagination, where one gets lost in their own world of fantasy be it gaming, movie, or music and they remain in that fantasy world for several hours of a day which then replaces their real-world interaction (which later affects the work life and personal life interactions)

Okay so this is the video I’m talking about

Everyone listens to music, what am I so goofy about it? &why am i worrying?

Music has always been my companion and I must say it had even impacted my life positively and helped me to imagine achieving things that I end up achieving later on (fantasy world) and listening to music before any important things happening in my life it had helped me to reduce the stress.

All my life I was proud of one thing I didn’t have any vices (My willpower is at its peak) but consuming music is something I always look up to, this was my go-to stress release, I get into a fantasy world whenever I get into. but this is normal, everyone I know does it, right? here is the problem.

Here is the small stat of the average person spending on music apps

I recently checked checked my Daily app spent activity and got to know that I spend nearly 2-3 hours on Deezer, Spotify & YouTube music combined)

(Well, I do know this is not something I can get rid of it (like a Ranbir Kapoor’s self-discovery movie with a happy ending) with a blink of an eye, especially when the Spotify app is the first thing in the morning I use.
the step is to focus on reducing the maladaptive dreaming process and having a constant reality check.

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