I recently came across Aashish Chopra’s interview while randomly scrolling my YouTube feed. In one of Vaibhav Sisinty‘s videos (Vaibhav is a growth hacker) so while the interview was all about marketing, but what got me hooked more on the video is when Aashish dropped few truth bombs from his book.

So curious me bought the book, initially I was worried looking at the title and the yellow branding of the book (A marketer wouldn’t let a single chance to capture audience attention) but this clickbait book got me interested.

Virality comes from experimenting

Ashsish is head of marketing at Ixigo – A popular travel booking website. A lot of popularity and attention came from their viral videos. Now the mind-blowing fact is that Ixigo never had a hefty marketing budget but still most of their videos went viral.

Ashish’s explains there is no formula for virality, but there is some reason behind why most of their videos went viral. The book gives both theoretical and practical gyaan, Like how to focus on consistency and to improve editing skills and make it more presentable.

However Ashish stresses not to focus too much on fancy camera equipment’s rather on content creation & then lay a feedback loop over it, the more content created the more we know about it. This indirectly stresses the point on “the only way to evolve is to experiment and learn”.

Create Share-Worthy content

Summary of the book is not to judge the content by like or comment, but measure the success of our content by the number of shares it gets. Not likes or views it must be “Shares”! (shares are the simplest analytics to focus on because Views can be bought but Shares are only earned)There is an entire chapter dedicated to Create Share-Worthy content”

Ashish used to stress his employees to share videos instantly when the video is uploaded (this is cringe, but worked very well to Ixigo) as first seed of virality comes from the people we know.

Ixigo had a big bet on video (back in 2014), when very few channels like BuzzFeed and others used video as a marketing channel. It is not surprising that their bet became true. Ashish’s main focus was on organic over paid virality (Social platforms algorithm works in a way that a video is impactful, it needs to be organically reached rather than being pushed forcefully)

One thing we see a lot of people do is make ads look like content. It’s a terrible idea and people can see that. Don’t talk about your own products and services. No one cares about your business and products, so talk about them – “Your users”.

On that note I would suggest this book is must read for all marketers (As core focus of this book is experimenting) available on Amazon – Fast, Cheap and Viral: How to Create Game-Changing Content on a Shoestring Budget

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