Framework to be a better writer

There is this YouTuber, which I have been fond of – David Perrill, one thing which I like about Perill is, that in all his videos he highlights what good writing can do to one’s brain. the know-how of language and the way he edits his videos are top-notch. Most of his videos are 10 minutes where he does a case study of 1 popular silicon Valley founder’s theory and principles.
If you haven’t watched it yet. I recommend watching David Perells video of Peter Theil (who Is also one of my favorite people on the internet for his contrary opinions)

More of Peter Theil videos

My favorite thing on the internet is to discover a creator/artist and find their best works and spend more time on those content. I do some more digging for more such content (my recent creator discovery is Prakhar Gupta on YouTube for his philosophies) who is an inspiration to me, if the right look for is more for is content that is how to remove the content should one secret without debit. Peril has a course Passage of writing (For the writing community)

In his course, David stresses on the importance of writing consistently where he also measures the growth of the blog in the community sessions on how the writing has impacted (Website traffic).

My decision to write
So I decided to write, writing was always my thing which I want to do long back, I have been consistent in writing my journal for the past 6 years. The only thing I’m bad at is writing in public, I always hesitate to show my work (fear of judgment) & also I have 6 diaries and it’s hard to maintain by now.

So this time I’m getting really at it maintaining consistency every time (pretty hard) I try to start writing on the topics that I’m currently thinking. so this time what I did was I made some big bets. And making a small progression in 3 areas.

Short format writing -twitter ( one tweet a day)
Longer format Blog (1 Blog a day – 150 words)

Instagram post (this is purely to display my social life)

My commitment is to measure my goals daily, so this is the basic framework I’m creating for myself. now, this can be of anything and is a form of thought dumping for me which will improve me a writer.

Writing every day is very hard to process, so I decided to create a Framework. I live transcribe my notes and take that notes to create the first draft and then further edit it (reader-friendly) and Yo I publish it.

According to Varun Grover – Director. “The more I reduce the friction for the reader the better I get at it”

Now, why?
The reason is to form crisp & clear Opinions of myself and also thought dumping is a form of meditation (which de-clutters my thinking) don’t have to look for it again and again. so I know there is no instant benefit and also it’s not an easy task. but I will still stick at it. the only thing I am looking for is a long-term goal of becoming a better writer.

Hopefully, you will see me one day, giving a Ted talk on “How writing has changed my life” 🙂

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