Is Illuminati just a cool art now?

Yesterday while I went for an evening walk at the park I came across this Illuminati tattoo (The Eye of Horus) on a random dude’s biceps. I just ran across from there.

While way back home, I was wondering whether this guy would know anything about this (I mean I don’t know anything/nor do I care)
I’m assuming most people getting these tattoos has no idea what it means. that they think it’s something “cool” that’s like an Egyptian art. should anyone get the tattoo that knows what it’s about, who’s going to question it because the viewers (like me) don’t know?

The same night I was talking to my coach regarding this (who holds a research degree on this).

Now I don’t care if you believe in Illuminati (nor do believe in this) but I am all ears if your fascinating and interesting story. So recently while I was listening to Vinamra Khasana’s Dostcast I came across the the history of Illuminati.

I started digging more from there, I discovered this beautiful documentary – Illuminated: The True Story of the Illuminati streaming on Apple TV
Trailer –

The documentary you are watching is a really solid no bullshit overview of the Illuminati, along with a beautiful fiction narrative (all though it has an IMDB rating of 5.5)

There was this comment on the YT trailer – When religion destroys mankind. some people come with enlightened power, Now we call them Illuminati.

Myths about celebrities –
One never knows if someone is an Illuminati member. I mean never. You will see a lot of video gossip, about a said celebrity being influenced by the Illuminati, but honestly, You don’t become an Illuminati member to get rich or just because you are rich; there’s a very secretive process of being selected.

Like a famous Games of thrones quote – “Jon Snow knows nothing”, nor do we?

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