Traffic is noice – Audience is music – Basecamp founder

Jason Fried

Just a Google search on how to build an audience gives us a metric shitload of online articles on “How To build users” but unfortunately there is only one answer (which no one likes to hear) “Consistency”.

Now, who doesn’t want to be famous online? If you are saying I am not that type of attention seeker, I bet you are lying. Everyone wants to be famous, but very few become, some get lost in the journey some still try but the one who gets it doesn’t acknowledge much.

Now everyone has their own content format style – some like reels, some like sketches, etc. but the most popular one being is memes.

Now here’s my hot-take on meme

Meme is dead, shitposting killed it“, following the same template as a format of a joke doesn’t work anymore. I mean look at this Meme cycle – Someone puts a new template (based on a popular movie/series) it gets popular, all the brands overuse it for like & engagement, and the next day another meme takeover it. So if you are still in the meme era, get over it now, please.

My take is completely different
I always loved Shit posting: now I usually like to shitpost on Twitter & Instagram, which I have been doing since long time now (I had a dedicated shitposting account which I deleted). Shit posting is exactly what the name promises: a place for sharing shit with no common ground from one post to another, bonded together by nothing but frequency.

The pressure felt by straightforward meme accounts doesn’t exist here (I mean I don’t have to keep up with new upcoming series just to create a meme template). Nobody can force a shitposting page to bend to their will, there are no rules here & I don’t care for aesthetics anymore.

My favorite pass time is sharing Hera Pheri & Welcome movie memes with my friends on WhatsApp groups, I do have a dedicated meme folder on my PC. (Yeah, what fun in Whatsapp though, if it is only dedicated for that annoying cringeworthy family Whatsapp Group? ). I think meme will remain as a WhatsApp joke format.

‘I’m taking shitpost to the moon’

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