For the past couple of years, I have been avoiding all kinds of junk news from my life. now I am in no hurry to consume news quickly, rather I would wait for research based on that particular news and read it a month later.
When I say junk news I mean all the politics/celebrity/sports gossips and daily news.

To avoid this I had to cut a few of my sources, Instagram stories and feeds I have to mute my stories completely, most of my friends are more interested and share stories of the current government and sports than what is happening in their life (lack of content)

Quality news comes at a cost

All though subscription news is the only way forward for a journalist is a very debatable hot topic but it is clear that the ad-driven business model has its own downside.
1) Most of the news are biased or either integrate their ad to the particular news (your story runs on a similar business model, where they cover the news of startups for a lump sum amount of 1-3 lakh, containing the news of their fundings and future of the business)
2) Most Ads are annoying and distracting (My main source of morning news is my phone, a small wrong click directs to multiple pages of porn sites)
3) Lack of research & hurry to publish news: Buzzfeed model

Following are the subscriptions which helped me to get through it

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