So I started listening to more & more podcasts these days I also update here in my blog. filtering based on my likes and try every other good podcast recommended by people on twitter although my personal interest is more likely on Tech, advertising, and VC I even try some fun podcasts to keep myself distracting from the music world.

Although almost all podcast list is 1 or more people bragging about their knowledge and lifestyle, in the end, it comes to how much core value a person could derive from the content he consumed.

Before starting I would explain my genre and area of interest on podcast list, in brief, to get the slightest idea of what I listened to. main categories are- philosophy, tech, finance, business, startup podcast.

A16Z – My day isn’t complete if I haven’t Consumed something from a16z. Hosted by Andreessen Horowitz VC of probably all next big startups (Y Combinator. well do I need to say anything?). I Can’t Believe all their content is freemium.

Invisiblia –
The gem which is produced by NPR which discusses the idea of human behavior and how they shape the ideas in real-world all backed by logic and science this will make you see your life completely different

The Tim Ferriss Show 

As a big Tim Ferris fan after reading his (4 hour work week and weekly recommendation for his blog it is the number 1 podcast on apple podcast also selected as apple’s best podcast and many more awards. the podcast format is where Tim interviews all the top business people and discusses challenges faced by them the best things about Tim is he knows the best question to ask always

Art of manliness –
Although this is Alpha Male kind of Content, it’s worth listening to. I started listening to this in 2017. The Art of Manliness Podcast is a podcast that aims to help men become better men. Art of manliness also had a top blog in those days where they recommend best to try what to do in life for 30 days and to have a completely different perspective over life.

99% invisible – I use to be a Freakonomics listener earlier where it had a similar format of discussing interesting facts and how that turned out to be awesome by implementing certain techniques. Invisible is same as Freakonomics if you enjoyed Freakonomics then you would definitely love this podcast (as of now this is not in my podcast list as I started listening to more of the business podcast)

Advertising is dead – Hosted by the founder of Glitch (Varun Duggirala) The term advertising represents a bad idea because it’s often associated with a block or skip in the digital world. Varun invites a lot of guests in the business and talks specifically on how advertising has evolved.

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