On a scale of 1-10, how broke am I?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that I’m a couple of months away from going broke?
Well, I’m at that stage of my life now.

Louis CK has this funny bit where he drills down on a scenario of being broke. When you are broke, every odd turns against you. That corporates (banks) hate you for being broke and charge you for being broke (for insufficient funds in the bank) and quality of life starts dipping below the point of being worth the effort. CK was a moment away from his peak to success, at that particular point he talks about being broke.

Now being broke has a lot to do with my spending habits, the bets I took which went terribly wrong (crypto investments stabbed me to death), and the stock market downfall.

I just left. Nothing was majorly wrong, just the usual “we’re not getting paid enough” “I am not growing” and “we’re getting overworked” scenario. But I said no!

It is a place that gets hard to live without a consistent income. I quit in hopes to be happier, and less anxious about “who I am”. I don’t necessarily succumb to that capitalistic idea of “finding oneself”.

I just want to learn things outside of a cubicle. I also want to be free from being confined to an income. I feel worried & quite empty. Writing this post is harder than you know, Im sitting in a corner with no one around me and thinking ofy fate.

My energy, My thought process my entire existence revolves around this career and never-ending rat race. I have lot more friends to share the problem but in reality, I don’t know if anyone can relate my scenario.

Newyork times has this checklist of things to consider before quitting the job, which I discovered later (Yes, after quitting the job)

Now that I think, Had I got the backup, life would have been a lot easier.
Anyway, now that I have moved on I have more things to worry now.

Firstly, Why did I move to Dubai?
I always wanted to visit Dubai, It was my travel checklist. Anyhow, now that I’m here, I might as well discover a job. Anyway this is the dream city to live in.

There is some ground reality which I got to know later (moving here), the competition here is ruthless. It is so expensive here, you literally pay money to breathe here.

As a single person, I feel lonely even though I am one call away from my dear ones. I know for a fact that success comes to everyone, even if it’s a dog. All I need to do is take some time and have patience and remain grateful that I just feel blessed to be able to breathe fresh every day, live under a roof, able to have good food, even in current dire times.

I guess if am happy, I am living a good life.

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