This summarizes- why I reduced using social media I use twitter for reading news and Reddit for research stuff on technology (Instagram and WhatsApp are the most addictive junk content providing services)

Nicolas Carr – We are surrounded by so much information that is of the immediate interest that grabs out attention to us that we feel engulfed by the urge or pressure of trying to be updated with all the news happening around the world.

Basically You Are Consuming Junk –
This is what clickbait content mess your brain with- gossips, movie, music, – as addictive pornography. this is also why you get distracted from work and get tired from frequent social media notifications and caffeine addictions. you think you are being productive but actually you are not

  • First, the speed of news delivery has increased. earlier it was very tough to get the news, People had to gossip with each other or wait to get a newspaper but not anymore with the presence of social media. Thanks to alerts, texts, and other interruptions, the news finds us almost the minute it’s published.
  • Secondly, The cost of producing news has been decreased drastically anyone with PC or Smartphone can create news and spread across the world. Some people write 12 blog posts a day for major publishing newspapers. It’s impossible to write a thoughtful content, let alone 12 news articles. Over the year, this works out to publishing 2880 articles (assuming 4 weeks of holidays). The subject knowledge or research involved in getting your news they’re covering is close to zero. Due to this other than a clickbait title, people don’t really benefit anything from the content you’re filling your head with surface opinions on isolated topics
  • Third, producers of news attempt to attack our brains – News producers create a culture of the hook to not miss out, if you don’t follow – you’ll be misinformed, oh wait, look at this! As you consume more and more of the junk content, you have no time for the actual news that matters.
  • Fourth, the incentives are not aligned properly the actual well-researched content of paid news has very less value because there is a lot of competition as almost all news publications feel compelled to offer free news. After all, everyone else is doing it. However, when the news is free, you still need to pay people, so you go away from a paid model that was selling good content to a captive audience to a free model that’s selling the readers to advertisers. Pageviews become the name of the game, and the more, the better. For a lot of people who create news

This Is Why You Need To Go For – Subscription Model News – If You Want To Consume News So Badly- Ken Web, Media Nama, The Wire – Is The One To Look Out For If You Live In India​

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