I started experimenting with all the music (all famous 4 devices Apple Music, Spotify, tidal)streaming services except amazon prime having a feel-good experiencing testing the different playlist starting from the workout, funk, pop-rock, classics, coke studio, part, rock. I must say more than using these apps I discovered a lot of music genres and explored new music of different languages even regional ones such as Tamil, Telugu Hindi, and many more languages.

Gaana – I started using Gaana very earlier when I started going to the gym playing Hindi songs (Gaana has mostly Indian songs – most popularly Hindi songs) with my wired headphones the one thing Gaana is proud of it has very loud music that is the base is very strong in Gaana. so if you are a base fan you are in the right place if you are opt-in for Gaana. but there is a lot to lose in Gaana also like every perk has its own flaws Gaana has very very less song collection. I know they are going very strong going forward they are trying to add more but now it has a very low collection. and the sound

Lope-hole – After its premium, I got back to free version which sucks as you have to go through a lot of display ads and page directing ads and more annoying ads after 2-3 songs. so one thing I found was if you go back to the home screen and come back to the app you won’t be seeing this ad again for some time.

Apple Music – 3 moths of apple subscription for freemium service as an apple device user I use to always listen to music from my apple music by syncing from iTunes also Syncios (where I always sync my music from iTunes) even before apple music became mainstream service. The one thing I always like about apple is its UI same goes here in the apple music more than listening to music the feel-good UI always makes you go back. apple music has a decent collection of music. the music quality is also quite good.

Spotify – last but not least Spotify turns out to be my winner. my freemium service is going to be end soon and I may go with Spotify if I would buy a subscription. because Spotify makes your music experience so flawless that you end up going to that even after you don’t. not only music Spotify is betting on huge on podcast industry they are spending tons on podcast advertisements. because everyone podcasting will be minting money in the future

The best thing about Spotify is you can explore hell lot of podcasts. as am a huge podcast fan I listened to 2-3 longs hour podcast (1.5-2x speed) daily. Spotify makes you easily discover new podcasts based on the interest here’s where Spotify excels and dominates the other app and this is why people bet on Spotify than any other app.

I have not used tidal yet. my next bet would be tidal as I got good to recommend of tidal. I would be trying Will see how it goes. but until I stand for Spotify and consider Spotify as the winner in this music streaming game.

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