So I found this amazing gem from the book I have been reading recently related to our daily work life, growth life, and building. A lesson on becoming for a leader or an even entrepreneur. this is the principle to live by, this is the principle rules every silicon valley Founders lives by. The Free Radicals these Rules Are Inspired and Collected From My New Reads The Messy Middle from the Behance Co-Founder – Scott Belsky.

So Who are these free radicals?

  1. First and foremost the work is intrinsically rewarding but when its time to make a dent or impact – we expect extrinsic validation. We don’t create solely for ourselves—we want to make a real and lasting impact on the world around us.
  2. Whether we work on our own or within the companies, we demand the freedom to test and run experiments, move our ideas forward by participating in multiple projects at once.
  3. We are most productive when we feel we are fully engaged in an interesting project to thrive on flexibility
  4. We fail often because we make stuff often and experimenting with this stuff. Ultimately, we strive for little failures that help us course-correct along the way, and we view every failure as a learning opportunity that’s simply part of our experiential education.
  5. We have little tolerance for old-boy networks, the friction of bureaucracy, and old-fashioned or outdated business practices.
  6. We question standard operating procedures and assert ourselves. And when we can’t, we don’t surrender to the friction of the status quo: Instead, we find clever ways (and hacks) around it.
  7. We expect to be constantly optimized and fully utilized, regardless of whether we’re working in a large organization or even a small start-up or a. When our contributions and learning plateau

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