One main goal in my life is to simplify my life as much as possible. As much as, I am an introvert, I am a very lazy brat to a lot of people. Most of my time you would see me sitting in a corner reading something or doing nothing.

But one thing I am very good at (which I realized lately) is that I can simplify problems. I can do the things i know in a much shorter time compared to any other person doing the same thing. This obsession for problem-solving had given me a lot of breakthroughs in my life ( in small ways – will explain it some other time).

All my life I have been looking shortcuts to solve problems, I remember this Sachin Tendulkar’s quote. – ‘

Whatever you do in life, don’t take a short-cut’: .

Sachin Tendulkar

Although the above quote never holds true in my case, I always looked for shortcuts in life to solve the problems faster. Simple things like pirating stuffs and getting things faster and consuming things even before my friends consumed/played, excited me as a cool kid to and standout in crowd as a kid. This shaped me as a person, today when I look back I have changed as a person (in a good way).

Some of the frameworks which I have been adopted to simplify my life

Video – Be it watching random movies or following news or learning a new concept, I have created a framework, anything I watch should minimize the time consumption to 1.5x (Identifying junk quickly). This helped me skip the slow paced intro (in almost 90% of youtube video intro is always slow)

Hence I changed the way I watch the video by making some default changes in settings. I use YouTube Vanced player hence avoiding all the crappy ads and getting me directly to the video.

Listen – Though it took me a lot of years to practice it, my listening skills have been improved way better. Frequently listening to things like podcasts/audiobooks has been changed the way i consume audio for better. custom setting audio speed to 2x helped me to discover more podcast. though I go back to listening to the same things again most of the time (I get lost in between sometimes).

Read – Kindle and E-book are my favorite formats/source to read books, I don’t remember when was the last time I read a physical book. Digital books help me with the 2 aspects.
1)Read faster.
2)taking notes.
Take notes-> record -> record it in readwise->transfer it to readwise-> Google Docs.

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