I have lately been watching a lot of YouTube content maybe because of the COVID situation where I play it in the background while working. As I couldn’t go out for a walk due to the pandemic (I use to listen to a lot of podcasts while going for the walk). I use to generally listen to nearly 3 long hour podcasts in 3 hours (1.5x or 2x speed depending on the podcast). the problem with me is I couldn’t listen to a podcast while sitting at home as I need physical movements while listening to the podcast.

So I have made a point of playing the YouTube content on the background while working, I know multitasking is very dangerous, so I have automated my playlist to listen for next day and also I frequently filter my youtube recommendation, As this solves 2 things

  • Unwanted recommendations from YouTube this is also because I set my YouTube location to the US (so as to not tempted the trending section of India (it has both addictive contents like new show or music and also some worst nightmare content)
  • Content relatability is the next best thing as you could explore a lot of good content (which in my case is podcasts)

Botcast – Botcast or popularly known as Books on toasts the youtube’s book readers club, The Books on Toast is a community for readers where there would be a collection of topics like Writers and their upcoming books, top 5 book recommendations including both fiction and nonfictions and the best part of this channel is they also do book reviews. the Book on toast channel is based out of Mumbai, India.it is a unique also a fun, panel-discussion and also a free space for readers. hosted by Anuya Jakatdar who is also a writer and use to create a lot of content for All India Backchod (AIB) and also Son of Abhish (SOA) and the fun fact is Anuya also married a senior head writer of AIB (Girish Narayandass) and Sharin Bhatti who married Sudeep Nair founder of The Hive and The Cuckoo Club (founded in 2014 and 2016)

A16z – The day I discovered Andreesen Horowitz I started to read more about him and I discovered that he is also a writer, So I started following him and reading his tweets also “Hard things about the hard things” is one of my recently read favorite books. I discovered a lot of stories about YC (Y Combinator) and the Venture Capital world (V.C) book which I read recently. A16z youtube video for Andreessen Horowitz is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that invests in the tech world. It also shares video interviews and recent tech disruptions (which is also produced by a16z editorial) on technology & advice for building companies and science trends as well as for understanding tech future and culture. there are also the podcasts and posts on a16z.com. It also consists of interviews by Sonal Choski and Andreesen Horowitz which are one of my favorite people.

FilmCompanion – Film Companion is an art form to appreciate for good content, I use to be a long time follower of Anupama Chopra and her reviews. As IMDB or even rotten tomatoes don’t work great on Indian Cinemas, I use to watch a lot of shitty movies earlier trusting on IMDB. but then I discovered film companion A short 5 minutes of critics on what is good and what is bad. Although I don’t watch a lot of videos, I really look into the reviews of movies I really want to watch and the relatability factor works great for me on film companion.

Also, I love the Not A Movie Review by Sucharita Tyagi, just by her expression you would come to know how good or the bad movie actually is. Now the film Companion has branched out to various other streamlines like FilmCompanion south and the rise of web series actually needed a separate channel (which was very late). There is director’s and Actor’s interview and the round-table interview with celebrities, the best part of the interview is its not the sugar-coated one just like other reviewers and mostly its not the movie promotion interviews.

Okay, I have lot more to add as I have few podcast channel recommendations and tech channels to recommend as of now these are the ones stay tuned for more updates. If you like what I write here You should definitely check out my tweets on twitter. Also, do check out my other blogs on my website Nauman Mohammed for more such reviews and recommendations.