Tribe of a mentor is a book by Tim Ferris where he shares the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure compilation of tactics, tools, and habits from 130 of the world’s top performers Tim Ferris’s statement on cooking food applies exactly to the life of every hustler – you Make an accomplishment (cook food in this case)- then you completely move on for another one (another dish) – you don’t stick around. To the same goals.

“But Tim Ferris further explains is that the best thing about cooking is it is a very quick result-oriented process we will not have to wait for a pretty long time to wait for the result and the best thing even if food fails or turn out extremely good no matter whatever the result the next day we have to start it from scratch to prepare a new one.”

Tim Ferris – we don’t have time to wait and see Why one failed the important thing is to realize what went wrong and not to repeat the same process where it failed.

Tim Ferris Signature question – where he asks every guest on his interview – in the last few years what habits they have adopted that significantly transformed their life

Tim’s Interview with – T.R Goldman – He was always a gym addict & used to train at a place called Pro camp where 3 or more people train together on weight lifting for a hard workout training session Goldman use to hate it but it’s very great he says, as he was a morning person this was the early morning routine he was making – Nothing you do the next day is hard as that as what you just did. (It was an early morning motivation boost for him).

Tim Ferriss – “What do you do if you are tired or don’t feel like working out? – T.R says – he has a friend at the gym who used to say if you are not feeling like working out it’s okay but don’t eat anything on that day. that’s the best way of saying you are not allowed to skip the workout and get unfocused it’s okay to take a vacation or take a break from work but one should know one’s purpose

 “One of Tim’s favorite quote is “Not Dead, Can’t quit! from his friend and former navy seal – Richard Machwicz

Tim Ferris interviewed some famous people around asking what would your billboard say

Debbie Millman says his billboard would say this: “Being busy is the decision people make if a person says that he is busy that just means that he is too lazy.

Debbie Millmanon finding jobs – “ Am I spending good time on finding a job that would really make me happy and work for it every day? Am I spending time improving my skills every time? Am I meeting my industry standards? if not what can I do to reach that extent?

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