Bro Im 29, and now what?

A lot of things that evolve around me now are growing older and how it all will soon change things for me.
example: will I have to settle down even though I don’t want to (just because everyone is doing it?)

I think life in terms of scalability now, as I’m in my final late 30’s (onto my 30’s in 6 months). so im in peek of my youth (as per the

So I only think is scalability,
ex: if I want to do something, in 1 month I think “How can I do it in 10 days by going full onboard on the same thing, rather than putting 20 days of extra effort.

There is a term in marketing that we use most in business talks at work -“growth and scaling”.
inspired by Peter Theil’s Zero to One book ( which was adopted by the Paypal mafia team).

There is this theory by Reid Hoffman termed Blitzscalling – what do you do when you need to grow quickly?
– Where Reid explains that to have a first-mover advantage over a business you tend to build the company rapidly to serve a large and usually global market and have a massive scale advantage.

This will cause a massive burn rate (finance) but end up saving a lot more time.

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