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Advertising is My World

I’m Nauman Mohammed a Performance and marketing specialist who blends the best of advertising and writing into compelling and engaging brand content.

Marketing is what live for but when I’m not constantly hitting refresh on my Instagram feed or busy watching reels, I’m probably busy rewatching Seinfeld or digging some old documentaries.

My youtube history will tell you about my love for traveling and my open chrome tabs will talk about my love for cycling.

One contrary opinion I hold is that – food doesn’t excite me,I would rather stay hungry than hunt for food and stay lazy

Currently, I am a Sr. Digital Marketer at The Butterfly Effect and I have contributed to various tech blogs and even some ghostwriting as well.

In my spare time, you will find me reading some random books or listening to some old podcast, or sometimes watching a YT video at 1.5x speed.

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