Am I the attention seeker?

Off-late I have been spending more time on Instagram which is like 1-2 hours of my daily life ( I use digital minimalism to track the time spent on apps). I use to be never like this, I guess the times have changed, but now I enjoy sharing and creating stuff on the internet.

This brings me to a question – Am I the attention seeker? Which I always thought I was not. The fact that I share stuff nowadays is that I consume soo much stuff and I make sure I have to vomit to retain the learnings.(Yes there is a FOMO attached to it also )

I have always wondered if putting my life online will make me vulnerable (due to my shy personality)

I mean look; I really like Instagram and all, Now that I look back on my earlier post the only regret I have is not posting more. I don’t take pictures often of the places I go, the food I eat, and the people I meet. although I take pictures sometimes but always try to make it “Instagram” worthy to upload but I end up not posting them. (Or maybe it’s a fear of posting and getting judged?)

I do have huge respect for some well-tailored Instagram accounts (like in my case – Reels on traveling). If anyone cracked the code of taking great pictures with great captions (not the copy-pasted quotes from the internet) here you go, you won my attention.

Okay, now think of this do you really want to start the ugly side of yourself on social media? (being broke, rejected applications) we generally only want to show our good side I can kind of understand that toxic positivity can more engagement usually. but I do often think of having a losers diary on Instagram where I sometimes post the dark side of me also (though I’m skeptical of its perception). Maybe I’m not ready for that yet.

This is why I strongly believe to have close friends who would call out my BS which I don’t see through within me (thankfully I have few of them).

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