Automate Habits

Assign each habit to a different place

So I recently read atomic habits by James Clear. I use to follow him on Twitter, I saw many people sharing this book (which he retweets). so after reading the Goodreads Reviews. I added it to my reading list. so the following are some of my takes on the book.

Phone for social media (Instagram, twitter, quora, facebook)

Kindle for reading

iPod to music

So I don’t get distracted and not do anything

Quotes that bagged my attention

  • Create a chain after each habit- morning wake at 5-6 work (which I struggle to do)- followed by gym- heavy protein diet- work- meditate- then a walk – reading- and social media
  • Be accountable for the hobby – make it public
  • Never fall for motion (perfection) go for action(doing things) even if it’s very tiny to see.
  • Forming and breaking habits- once you excelled it is easy to do it. like learning a language the only thing is to get used to it
  • Habit-breaking -like a 21-day streak is a myth. the key thing to focus on is how many streaks of the same habits
  • 2-minute rule- read one page before sleep- to be a reader.
  • Gym- just show up – which will automatically build the habit- just two minutes then stop. master this, then go for five minutes. (which I successfully nailed). although as of now I’m not going, will be soon to focus on my fitness
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