Azadi from toxic masculinity

I often come across these pricks at the gym, who is hell-bent on correcting me, like bro did I ask you for one. this is the problem with men, they always like to help people out, just so they can brag about it later on.

Boys don’t cry,, I always cried when I was upset, every time I really thought this is a bad thing, men aren’t supposed to cry (Yeah, this is the school of thought, I hail from) Now judge me please.. sometimes I just cry putting on my headphones (shutting my door) and listening to Naadan Parindey from Rockstar (Yay!, Rahman sir for the win) and just cry with my door locked.

Showing emotion other than happiness is something I struggle with.
I grew up being told not to show emotion and then when I did, people would be uncomfortable by it, so I just kept shit to myself. I was always the one people turned to but when I turned to them, they would be like, eh okay.

I really hate men with an attitude of men don’t cry (Oh common man), the only genuine emotion which makes you a human & you want to hide that too?

All these alpha male characteristics portrayals, for FFS, can we just stop this, I mean using this as a tool to get laid is soo 2000’s, please get over it.

All these men don’t cry, talk about, or show vulnerability. Boys should play sports and not peddle into fine arts.

This reminds me of a bit from George Carlin’s standup

“I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t follow anything the government (society) tells me.”

I think of it as more of a toxic behavior than a toxic man. Anyone can be shitty or “toxic” (when ego takes over power). If some macho douche bag is out acting like a douche bag, perhaps the issue is the fact that he’s a douche bag, not that he otherwise considered himself manly or macho.

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