Deep Work – Book Summary

One of the most valuable skills in our economy is becoming exceptionally  rare. If you master this skill. Deep work doesn’t mean to work all day it is the ability to prioritise things first thing in the morning (morning person) assigning the task and then taking a break.

There’s an app called Pomodoro that clearly defines the objectives of the deep work, the app does allocate time to work (set priority) generally it would be 25 minutes and then you take a – 5-10 min break and again continue to work it lets you keep all the distractions away and focus mainly on high-priority work. However, the writer has a slightly different approach in some lines where he mentions stretching for a long time period and taking a bit of break as this would make more sense to keep the focus on but it would be very tough in this day & age as a focused mind doesn’t come easy especially if we don’t meditate daily.

Book is divided into 2 parts where it relates to almost everyone, cultivating a deep work ethic will produce massive benefits and then in 2nd part writer presents a rigorous training method presented as a series of 4 “rules,” for transforming habits and minds to support this skill.

Woody Allen (writer/director) did so much more work without PC, He used a typewriter in these many years woody Allen – Among his many competitive awards, he has won four Academy Awards, 10 BAFTA awards and 2 Golden Globe Awards . Woody Allen has won 3 Oscars for Best Original Screenplay. so Deep Work definitely paid off to woody Allen let’s just ignore his post controversies (Gosh, I hate him)

J. K. Rowling (Creator of Harry Potter) hasn’t been using social media, she joined twitter in 2009 & not active since then this Was Her Twitter Bio sounded like – I Won’t Be Active Here , (of late she is been seen using again but that is just to market her films and books) Mail is still ok but an instant message like Whataapp and social media are distracting. never use these things at work, this would drain your energy to an extent, so much that you won’t be able to work remember deep work is the only goal

Here’s the worst Idea From A Multi-Billion Dollar Company, from the women I Admire the Most -Marissa Mayer (co-founder of Lumi Labs. Mayer served as the president and chief executive officer of Yahoo) – banning work at home – just so that they didn’t check email and not physically present in the office turns out this idea to be the worst idea from her.

Naval Ravikant has a very good podcast on addiction and how tough it is to cut addiction off. Bill gates have a think week dedicated day out of every week where he cuts off his life from all his gadgets. He works fully by taking physical notes he takes notes on whatever idea comes to his mind, later he filters it based on what he wants – he called it Think Week. Also, Bill carries a physical note with him every day. Because an app on the to-do list is always a distraction. Remember that physical notes work better than digital notes, avoid distractions take notes and start thinking for better ideas

Although I use apps like Google Keep and iPhone notes, were I use notes for taking notes and Google keeps for checklist,  I try to clear and filter the end of the note every week.

Click Bait Content on all these Huff Post articles and Reddit, Twitter, and also the TV Series. Which you think gives you a dopamine rush instead, it drains your energy, it makes you tiresome after your work because it is designed and functioned for that with clickbait content

Jerry Seinfeld (Known for His Most Popular sitcom – Seinfeld)-when jerry Seinfield Was Asked for his key to his successful writing in comedy- keep doing it every day – Write Jokes every day – so that you get better at it, Key is the continuity. so to be a deep worker- is to practice it every day

Idea worth pondering to

Plan what do you want, or is this social media platform helpful to building professional life, if it helps in my personal life – measure to what extent it might help. If the result is not satisfying drop the idea.

Case Study 

basecamp employee works for 4 days a week, making optimum use of their time, this was the best idea adopted by the CEO

On Cold Emails

How To Send An Email – Explain in the email what you want and how many solutions you have and if you are asking a favor – find their best free time and ask for their 15 mins tip- valuing other person’s time is key

When you work- work hard but when you are done – you are done

To leave the distracted masses and join a focused few. Is trans-formative experience deep work is way more powerful

Decision Checklist

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