Dev Nagri is cool but are you multi-lingual

Dev Nagri is cool but are you multi-lingual ?

One of the most brag-worthy skills I possess is I speak 7 languages, now this is an added advantage for me among my peers. Being multi-lingual is one trait that inspires me to think from varied socio-cultural contexts. Also, it helps me to understand different perspectives which I may not politically agree with.

In what language do I think?
Usually, I speak in Malayalam but I shout in English (rarely do I get angry) I consider this as my privilege. Every language adds a different layer to my personality which I persistently seek to continue building.Now there are some languages I failed to learn like Urdu but even then I can understand the language to some extent (common friends)

I believe it is by virtue of my parents, due to my father’s Job I learned Tulu and Konkani to some extent, and Mom though me to read Malayalam but school and friends though me some more languages. Along with the desire to learn the language of every place I have lived in so far.

Language is an identity, now imagine you speak to a random stranger in their mother tongue it gives them a sense of belonging to their own community. It comes naturally to me to get into any group (although I don’t do that).

Perks: Multilingual comes with its own perks.
I can survive almost anywhere in the Middle East (Dominated by Arabs & Malayalis) except north eastern states & Hyderabad (no plans to head there anyway), I love learning the culture and traditions of people.
Do you have a story on culture and traditions? well, I am all ears.

I love learning language & I will keep learning.

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