Blocking the noisy world around me

So Yesterday while I sat to meditate, I couldn’t focus a bit as I got up and started walking to get my phone without realizing it. Distraction is humans’ biggest problem in this generation.

The Modern Struggle Is Fighting Weaponized Addiction – Naval Ravikant.
We have access to everything that we rarely get bored (and I don’t know when was the last time I took some time unless I put myself into that zone of guided meditation) as Naval’s quote says, – This is the era of fighting an abundance of resources and addictions.

The greatest minds of this generation (Google & Facebook) are busy coding to make us even more hooked on the product to optimize for engagement and conversion & to make us more of a consumer than a producer.

Yes capitalism sucks but that is the ultimate truth we need to live in

However education is open source, the smartest people get the same education as the dumbest people from the internet in the end of the day everything I consume is a choice I make.

I remember when I was in my early college years, I use to take evening walks at the beach with no gadgets I use to roam around fearless of what the future holds for me (Ah!, unlike now, like I figured out everything in life ) Anyway my point is that I use to enjoy those me time, I rarely have those time nowadays.

This is my everyday battle to fight distraction and probably one day I will have a zen-like lifestyle making the shit tone of money and start giving Gyan like those wannabe self-help Gurus like Jay Shetty. (Well Too soon? will have to wait & watch)

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