Flexing my writing muscles

Writing online is the fastest path to being successful in the internet age, it’s a way to learn faster, meet incredible people and accelerate your career, it is the language of the internet unfortunately it took me a long time to figure this out.

The world rewards the people who write well, In a world where most of the work is now remote & everyone spends most of their time on their computers. The world rewards not the ones who have the best ideas but those who communicate well (good writers). Ideas are the greatest source of wealth. Writing would give a user the leverage to build the trust and attention of the readers.

Writing is hard, So I have built a system to write the ideas (How do I write). More like – Shaping the playing field instead of playing by somebody else’s rules.

Tyler Cowen in an interview says that he sets an alarm at 11:30 pm to go to bed so that he could start writing first thing in the morning.

What will work for me personally?

These days I Plan my days like it’s a new day, keep most of my schedule empty and do the most important things last and then spend those time thinking and writing, it helps me generate fresh ideas rather to get stuck on rotten ideas which put me in a writer block.

Now I dedicate a big chunk of time to reading & writing & thinking.
The most important thing for me is to write I don’t care if it’s Sunday, Monday or even if it’s my birthday, all I would like to do is write. Although I take a lot of notes, I publish very less – I publish only 50%, I don’t want to fill the pages just because I want to –Filling pages is lazy writing (random author quote from internet, I came across)

These days I emphasize a lot laying out the argument with which I disagree more – I have sympathy for that person or may understand others’ perspectives on the person who is arguing.

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