Getting To Yourself

Getting to Yourself is the book that I read recently, summarising in a short format.

The Golden Rules For Negotiations

  1. The first step is to understand, one’s own importance to understand the deep problems and analyze them rather than judging oneself the challenge is to listen to their problems just as one would do with his partner or client
  • The second step is to get your own shit no one else would understand than, we ourselves.
  • Develop Your Inner BATNA means the best alternative to the agreement. where taking responsibility for our own problems. to make a commitment to yourself to take care of your problems irrespective of what others do or don’t
  • The third step is to Reframe Your Picture means to achieve the goal of where you see your life and working towards there and taking full control of one’s current needs creating own independent and sufficient source of contentment to see life being on your side.
  • Stay in the present it is easy to lose control of the current picture and enter into regret mode so the focus is very important in this current scenario.
  • Respecting is key even after facing rejection after rejection. showing a smile and treating the rejection with a pinch of salt is the best thing to do when going through a tough time.
  • Give & Take approach – it is easy to take and expect an offer from people every time you need one. but one should start offering help to people first before taking the latter will come eventually to you.

Tackling a Problems

Take Time to think about your problems. even if it’s sadness or happiness, or any other emotion don’t hide it take it to the public and discuss or if you don’t think they are not mature to understand the problem. analyze yourself – by thinking of the same issue and thinking about how to solve it

Some people might worry that accepting who we are would backfire as it will demotivate that there are already people ahead of them but the opposite is always true. Acceptance can create a sense of safety within which we can more easily face a problem and work on it.

Jamil Mahuad, former president of Ecuador and a Harvard colleague, once shared how he gradually learned to deal with his painful feelings by putting When some of my ancestors were really sad, they averted still it is not easy for me to connect with pain, with grief recognizing and bringing this shadow to light, you start incorporating that

It is a simple question to ask oneself – who is responsible for your life? Everyone knows the answer that it is within us, that we are responsible for our own life. there would be some aspect of every problem that would start within that is a root of the problem if one tries to fix it rest is a cakewalk.

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