Pondering again at my writing

It’s been a while since I didn’t write nor I was active in any public forum. long story short Im planning to get to record and start the process again here but this time I’m not in a hurry nor do I want to impress anyone hence reducing my social game as well (well I was active in 2023 on Instagram)

A few days back I started writing my journal, it’s been a year since I haven’t been maintaining a physical diary (after writing consistently for over 5 years). I couldn’t stick with those journaling Apps even after trying a couple of apps hoping the other one would work.

But glad I started writing back, I’m having clarity of thoughts now, it’s like a meditation for me to dump my thoughts here.

I know there is no monetization (nor Im optimizing for SEO for people to discover me) also it’s expensive & time-consuming to write a blog, but when I look back at the old stuff I wrote here, I can laugh at my life one fine day.

I feel stupid about my life decision & what is more stupid is to put it publicly, if someone stalks me online at least they could peek into my personal life and move on quickly rather than catching up over Lunch or Dinner (which at this point is Meh for me). Baiting for friendship & followers is not my ballgame now.

I have few friends I would rather make them happy (who stood for me in my tough times) and take opinions from them rather than making new ones ( Here I can expect a No bullshit answer from them).

Now I don’t know what is holding me for the next few years but I have a couple of goals to work on that’s it. No fancy ideas or fancy bucket lists for now.


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