Im a Work in Progress

I reiterate my life as “I am a work in progress” and “I am a lifelong beginner” and it’s not just education per se but most of the stuff I experience.

There were a lot of things that I proudly use to have opinions on and get into fights about (Opinions on movies music, politics, etc) pretending like I know everything, now I take a backseat whenever such stuff happens. 

I’m in that state of my life in that I listen to people rather than jumping to conclusions. The AUthoritative approach doesn’t work anymore for me.

But that doesn’t stop me from learning. I make a point in life to read quality journalism (supporting by subscribing to it). My 1/3 of my weekends are now dedicated to learning new things (and I admit I’m a Jonsnow and I know nothing).

I’m also planning to get into a couple of hobbies like skateboarding. I know these are very hard sets of skills to practice (and it’s too late, now that I’m in my 30’s).

Also learning editing skills, planning to better up my photography skills & to create better memories while I travel.

If I have a chance to develop new skills and delve into new technics or technologies in my domain.  If I don’t have a chance to explore, I’ll try to create one. It improves my self-esteem.

The best thing I focus on is, how to improve and learn things that I do in my daily life, to make it do it faster and to do it better.

I started taking tiffin to the office so that I don’t end up eating junk (even though I make simple rice for myself and to increase my protein intake I carry my shaker along with the tiffin) this way I can build more healthy habits on the top.

There are a lot of things Im still learning & I don’t find it embarrassing at all, if it helps someone I would be happy, that I can bring a change.


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