I often think that growing up watching comedy shows had a major impact on my life, the more standup I watch the more I think about a situation from a comedian’s perspective, It’s like how Gamers watch gaming videos.

Although the problem with gulping content is that I spend more time watching standup and less time writing for myself. I can also fall into the trap of imitating others a bit too much, like what is my outlook on the same POV? I have picked a lot of skills watching standups and I do know that doesn’t make me any “funnier”, but it does make me critique good writing and gives a better judgment on stagecraft.

Growing up, I remember watching Dave Chapelle’s – Killing Em Softly 2 decades ago, it was the biggest culture shock to me.
– not wanting to call the police bc his house is too nice & white people did not know about police brutality until it was in Newsweek. I still remember these 2 bits from Dave’s special ,
The power it gives to minorities to get on stage and talk about the absolute horror of African American’s, is what made me fall in love with this art form.

Now, I do get the debate around his recent transphobic and cancel culture jokes but I’m still rooting for Dave, he is a genius and a personal hero of mine

Over the years the quality has fallen way down and I believe the main terror here is Netflix, It has driven the quality of “ standup specials” to sub-par levels by overpaying the artist for just 30 minutes of content.

It’s not called a standup special if everyone has one, and there are some that are comics who are about 3 years in and have about thirty minutes of Passable material.

Though I would say not all are bad comics, Although Netflix has vastly changed the dynamics of the industry, many more comics these days get much more exposure very earlier, so we see a wider quality range (generally lower). There are always exceptions like James Acaster’s Repertoire – & Neal Brennan: 3 Mics, and there are many more. As long as there is good comedy.

Punching up Vs punching down
While my favorite comedy is punching up – throwing harshest/brutal dark humor where the comedian in question is making fun of people in power and privileged status in society (oppressors). but I do like some punching down (self-deprecating humor). Now which is better is an irrelevant debate If it’s funny, fucking laugh, If a comedian can make me laugh, Yo take my money is all I would say.

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