Productivity Gurus, please stop

One fine day I woke up to this, now don’t get me wrong I don’t follow this prick (but thanks to Twitter recommendation). This dude is a podcaster (Yes, that’s his occupation).

Here is the best productivity tip I got – ‘Do whatever works for you’

All those listicles you see on “5 things to keep you productive today” click baits, out of which Waking up at 5 AM, remains at the top one. That shit doesn’t work, “It gives the false pleasure of achieving something, without actually accomplishing anything.

Now watch this video titled “Self-Help” Is Nonsense. Here’s Why. It is an Industry estimated at 11.6B$ and is expected to grow by USD 43.77 billion (Now you see why you see these ads? because its sells)

Always remember these people do more harm than good. And India is currently booming with such creators like Beer Biceps (I just blocked these guys everywhere possible) and all the gyaan he keeps giving about investment, how one should follow one’s “passion.

As much as I love technology and progress in these domains, I don’t really get all these big brother advice-type content creators. I mean imagine a decade ago There was no concept of influencer culture, nor did people feel the need to form an opinion on anything and make it public

Wannabe influencers, sell “Time management” courses by running a 20 sec Ad and wasting users’ time. Bro, don’t you think it defeats the purpose? You already wasted 20 seconds of my life.

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