The Decision Checklist ​

President former Obama wore same dress to work every day. he always wore a simple balck or grey suit to work as he quoted he is trying to cut down the choices to save time.” Steve Jobs did the same thing. He wore a black turtleneck with jeans.”

Whenever making a great or smallest decision take a moment to write down the idea and think of that Idea for some time it gives a great amount of clarity on how to go about and achieve something greater than what you had actually accomplished

Chapter 1 checklist:

  • Purchase a Notepad (I personally use a notepad or sticky note sometimes as I take it with me most of the time)
  • And then reflect on the decision you are going to make and periodically review this to make it handly use google sheets I recommend all to use the google sheets personally as it makes my life easier.

Chapter 2 checklist

  • Conduct a 360º performance review with your colleagues to help you understand your decision-making strengths and blind spots.
  • Take a personality assessment to gain a deeper understanding of how your preferences may affect your decision making.
  • Also, use your decision journal to respond to these prompts:
  • Write about one decision where you didn’t take responsibility. What happened? What was your role? Why didn’t you take responsibility? What would you do differently now?
  • Write about one decision where your indecisiveness cost you or your company. What happened? Why were you indecisive? What would you do differently?

Interpersonal relationships matter:

It doesn’t matter how smart you are if you can’t work with other people. Nikola Tesla, a brilliant inventor, had difficulty relating to others, and he was notoriously hard to work with. As a result, he missed out on winning the Nobel Prize, and his temperament kept him from making a fortune.

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