Unsubscribe humans and algorithms

I said Goodbye, Yes goodbye to humans, and goodbye to algorithms.

Umm!!!! before I continue, I must say that I ain’t going for a spiritual journey but this will be a content detox for me. On my recent notice of digital Wellbeing (a android feature to track the total time spent on each app) on Youtube I spend close to 2-3 hours per day ( I don’t watch mindless videos nor those addictive youtube shorts)  but 3 hours per day is too much of my life when there are so many other things I could be doing which I enjoy.

Now don’t be shocked by this, You will be spending way more time than this on Instagram reels/Shorts or even TikTok. don’t believe me? check your metrics then, you will be in for a surprise…

A battle of Call to action

This all happened when creators started pushing their content back in 2013 by asking us to subscribe to the channel well nothing to lose right, so I click that button. and then youtube throws me a pile of recommendations only to realize I’m craving for more.

Youtube developed an algorithm to push the DAU (Daily active users) with enticing recommendations and the constant race to catch up naming it a FOMO.

Unsubscribing Humans

I should have done this years ago (but never too late) when I first saw my statistics. 

I do have youtube premium (to skip ads) and in google chrome, I use the ad block extension and  “YouTube Unhooked” to stop future visits to the site resulting in binge-watching.

Nauman, Why so much fuss about wasting time?

Not it’s like I’m gonna use my time to make rockets and spacecraft and be like MUSK or something. it’s just that I want to have control over things that I consume and rather not surrender myself to algorithms.

If I’m spending 2-3 hours on Youtube – it will be for the things I like  – documentaries and some entertainment here and there of course, but not any non-learning channels on my list. 

I would usually skip 90% of my feed as I wouldn’t watch most of the shit that youtube throws on my feed. Now I search for content and watch it, and YT recommends related videos occasionally watching few ASMR videos to reward myself. 

When to unsubscribe?

I always measure a channel funnel is that I subscribe -> I learn -> I outgrow the creator (learning) -> I unsubscribe

Sometimes I subscribe just to watch all the videos and then unsubscribe. Not because of quality degrading, just that I don’t feel it anymore.

I guess it’s time to let go kinda feeling.


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