What’s wrong with Indians?

I always wondered if there is something wrong with me (Well to some extent, there is) but my point is that I neglect to show my love and affection to those who deserve it most I always thought I might overdo it.

Every time I bid farewell (while traveling) I want to hug my parents, and thousands of thoughts rumble across my mind Instead, I chose to be silent.

I discussed the same thing with a couple of close people I know and I was surprised to hear that the feeling is mutual. Hence I do believe it is a curse of every Indian family to stay mute when we want to talk the most.

I do believe it’s a difficult area as a parent also, although it varies quite significantly over gender, people, and parenting style. The affection is rarely on a physical level, I don’t think I have ever hugged my parents & nor do they when I wanted to hug them the most (This goes for the majority of folks I interacted with). It just doesn’t go with how we have been bought up or taught to show affection to elders.

While My mom is hell-bent on reminding me thousand times a day If I had food or even reminding me to sleep (Alexa, will lose the battle here) but never had a conversation about how much they love their kids and this pain is across the country (Desi ones)

– Divided by borders, united by pain.

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